Thursday, September 20, 2012

Excerpt: LUCKY BREAK~ contest

Hey all. A quick post to share a fun excerpt from LUCKY BREAK. And for even more fun, I'll draw one winner from the comments to win a Nook or Kindle copy of LUCKY BREAK. To enter just leave your email in your comment and be a follower on my blog. Winner will be drawn Monday September 24rd!

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I hope you enjoy Kade and Sidney!

“Dance with me?” Sidney asked him, her voice
husky from both her buzz and being out of breath.
A light sheen of sweat shone barely visible on her
forehead. She looked like she was glowing.
“You know I don’t dance, Sidney.” There had only
been one night he’d danced with her. Senior prom.
“Do it anyway. For me?” She pushed to her feet
and grabbed his hand. He found himself walking with
her until they got to an empty corner of the dance
“What if I say no?” He looked down at her. She
was so close to him he felt the heat of her body. Damn
if he didn’t want more of it.
“Then I’ll make you.” Mischief twinkled in her
“You can’t make me do anything.” But then Kade
was the one who grabbed her and pulled her body
flush against his. “I get to make the rules this time.”
They swayed together to the music. Her breasts
were heavy against his chest. Her body, just as soft and
curvy as it looked, fit so well in his arms.
He let his hands travel up and down her back,
exploring the valleys and curves that were Sidney.
The way her waist dipped in. The small of her back,
her bare shoulders. Everything. He wanted to touch
and taste her everywhere. Lick the shell of her ear, the
sensitive skin of her neck. To pull the straps down and
kiss each of her pale shoulders.
Everything about her attracted him—inside and
out. It felt good to hold her. No—it felt right. He
wanted to memorize every part of this moment. Every
moment he spent with her.
Her hand buried in the hair at the nape of his
neck. “Peaches…” he found himself whispering in her
hair as he inhaled to take in as much of her as possible.
This was his woman. He’d never want anyone the way
he wanted her.
“I missed you, Kade…so much.”
Yes, they’d been around each other for a while
now, but still the words were true. “I missed you too,
Kade pulled far enough away from her that he
could look down and see her face. Her plump lips that
held the faint trace of pinkish lipstick.
The urge to kiss her slammed into him, tackled
him with such force he almost lost his breath. This was
different than the time in his truck or even on the deck
at Mae’s. She had time to back away. He was sure to
allow her that.
Kade gave a slight nod and when she flashed him
a smile in return, he knew this was really happening.
He lowered his mouth to hers. Starting out slowly, he
gently teased her lips with his. When she returned the
soft kiss, he did it again, testing the water and savoring
the journey. When he opened his lips to really take
possession of her mouth, he got a whiff of alcohol.
No, this wasn’t how he wanted it to be.
“You’re drunk,” he said against her lips. And this
wasn’t the time or place for them to start something
they couldn’t finish.
“So? That doesn’t mean—”
But it did. “Come on, Sidney. Let’s go sit down.”
He pulled away from her. If looks could kill, he’d
definitely be a dead man.


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