Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Boxed Set Sale!

My sweet romance, adult book, LUCKY BREAK, is now available in a limited edition boxed set with two other Entangled Authors! Hometown Love is available for a limited time only, for just 99 cents! That's three books for a buck!

Three novels that prove love can always be found right at home

There’s nothing quite like the comfort and serenity of returning home again, especially when combined with the sizzle and excitement of finding true love. This limited-edition contemporary romance boxed set from Entangled’s Bliss line features three fun and flirty small-town stories sure to make you laugh, sigh, and smile long after you’ve turned the last page.

Taste the Heat by Rachel Harris: Colby Robicheaux knows her brother’s best friend—delectable fire captain Jason Landry—is off-limits, and anyway, she’s only back home for a short time. Jason’s looking for someone to help him raise his preteen daughter, not a fling, but Colby’s all grown up and tempting as ever.

Playing at Love by Ophelia London: When Tess Johansson’s music program gets pitted against Jack Marshall’s football program in a battle for funding, she knows only one of them can win. Jack might be the summer love she never forgot, but her job means everything to her. Competing against the enemy was never quite this much fun.

Lucky Break by Kelley Vitollo: Sydney Williams might have come home to her small town of Shamrock Falls, but it’ll take more than that to rekindle a broken friendship with her childhood best friend, Kade Mitchell. When friendship turns to sparks turns to more, will Kade be able to convince his best friend to gamble on forever?


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Monday, June 10, 2013

New Release: JUST MY LUCK

JUST MY LUCK, Betsy and Jace's story is finally here!

Her friend. Her boss. Her husband?

Betsy Harris has always known Jace Macnamara was off-limits. Not only is he a close friend, he also happens to be her boss—making him doubly forbidden. Betsy’s too timid to ever admit her crush, nor ‘fess up to the fact that she’s secretly drowning in her mother’s medical bills.

Jace just found out he needs a wife and needs one now. His childhood home—the last reminder he has of his deceased parents—can only become his if he gets married, but Jace, ever the playboy, never dreamed of settling down for real. Neither Betsy nor Jace wants to ruin their friendship when their fake marriage inevitably ends, so they vow to keep things light, professional, easy. But as Betsy comes out of her shell, Jace begins to see his “wife” for the beautiful, caring woman she is. Can he risk their past for a future together?


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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bliss Out!

Come and join Bliss authors Cindi Madsen, Ophelia London, Roxanne Snopek, Kelley Vitollo, and Aubrie Dionne for the Valentine’s Day Bliss Out event Wednesday, February 13, from 7:00 - 9:00pm EST! Join us in celebrating these authors' latest releases on this Facebook Event page as they ask questions about romance, childhood crushes, and anything related to the holiday of love! Check out the event HERE.

We're giving away lots of prizes too! I'm giving out a gift card!

See you there!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Swag winners

I'm late! ACK. So sorry. Things have been crazy, but I have SWAG WINNERS!!!

And they are...

Drumroll please....

Kimberly and Cassie! I'll be emailing you ladies for your mailing address. Thanks for participating!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shamrock Falls Swag Contest!

Hello! Hope you've had a great weekend. We've been fighting the flu, which has been a hard battle. This year is really bad. I don't remember being as sick as I was in a long time. I'm on the mend now, but one of my little ones is sick :( Hoping she feels better tomorrow and that my youngest is able to squeak by and not get it!

But... in good news, I got beautiful Shamrock Falls postcards in the mail. I love them and want to share some of them with you!

Aren't they pretty? Jolene Perry made them for me. She rocks.

So... would you like to win some? All you have to do is comment on this post to be entered. BUT... there is a way to get extra points. For one extra point all you have to do is "like" my Facebook page, HERE. And for the chance for another entry, you can Tweet about the contest and link back to my site. If you do all three, you get three points. Or if you don't want, just go for the one. Let me know in the comments how many points you got and leave your email too. I'll draw two winners and post them on Monday February 4!

Stay away from this flu bug and read a good book :)

If you haven't checked it out, don't forget to grab a copy of LUCK OF THE DRAW.

One last thing! If you already like my FB page, that counts. Just let me know.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Coming down from release day

Release day was crazy, fun and exciting yesterday. Thanks so much to everyone who grabbed a copy of LUCK OF THE DRAW. I really hope you enjoy it.

I have an upcoming blog tour that I'll be sharing with you soon. Some fun stuff happening and of course prices. I just ordered some beautiful Shamrock Falls post cards. I can't wait to share them with you.

In the meantime, here's a cute banner Ether Design made for me.

Monday, January 14, 2013

It's here! LUCK OF THE DRAW is here :)

Release days are always a mixture of excitement and nerves! I'm trying to focus on the excitement :) I'm so excited that book two in the Shamrock Falls series, LUCK OF THE DRAW is here. I can't wait to see what you guys think of Breck and Rowan's story!

Rowan McKinley isn’t looking for one wild night while vacationing in Vegas, but she gets it anyway when she meets professional poker player—and professional ladies’ man—Breck Wilder. Breck’s easygoing charm and lighthearted banter draw in the reserved Rowan, and though she’s always dreamed of the kind of forever love her best friends Sidney and Kade share, she’ll settle for one night with the charismatic player.

After their crazy one-night stand, Breck never expected to see the mysterious redhead again. So when he shows up at a Shamrock Falls B&B looking to get away for a few weeks and Rowan answers the door, he’s floored. Breck’s rolling-stone lifestyle and ill-fated history with women means he’s not interested in anything long-term. But the longer he stays at the B&B, the more he considers dropping the poker face and putting all his cards on the table…for Rowan.

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You guys don't know how much fun I had writing this book. Breck is so funny and he never ceases to make me smile. I love how much of a spitfire Rowan is. I hope you guys enjoy them.

More details coming soon on the blog tour!